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To assist developer in critical marketing &sales strategy such as:

  • Refining a project concept in line with the current market trend and demand.
  • Creating the project’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in order to compete in the market.
  • Proposing the right pricing strategy to penetrate the intended target market.
  • Advising a developer on Rental Guarantee program (if needed), which will attract buyers, but also safe for the developer in the long run.
  • Advising developer on the right product size and composition ratio, based on market demand.
  • Defining the project’s market segment & selecting the right target market.
  • Formulating and executing the project’s positioning and branding strategy.
  • Briefing, guiding or giving input to the appointed advertising agency in creating marketing materials, including but not limited to the selection of project’s name, logo, tag line, etc.
  • Arranging with a third party to make other marketing materials, such as the grafitti on the project’s fences, billboards, models, website development, merchandises, etc.
  • Advising developer in selecting the best form of strata title structure, in order to avoid unnecessary taxes payments (if needed).
  • Selecting the right Notary to be used, to prepare/draft all legal documentations required for all buyers ( both local & foreign buyers).
  • Proposing marketing & sales activities plan, including budget requirement.
  • Doing sales exhibitions in several cities, including overseas.
  • Selecting Public Relation consultant, liaising strategically with local newspaper journalists, in order to update market regarding the project’s development.
  • Conducting regular project update and training for other participating agents.
  • Submitting quarterly sales target to developer, together with sales & marketing strategy on how to achieve the target and the budget required.
  • Submitting quarterly sales report to developer.